"You can hear them laughing!" Andrew, at Open Studios

"Hey Marjorie, I remember your work well. I have your postcard 'Moments in your child's day' -  always up on the wall near my computer where ever I moved to."  - Sand T

"We used to take our photographs for granted..." -Jess, at his own son's first photo session.

"We haven't hung them (3 landscapes) yet, but they look great leaning against the counter ! "  -  Naomi

"Hi Marjorie, I have hung most of the pictures. There are some that are simply astounding... I marvel how you captured the essence of Adam... To say they look great is an understatement. I adore so many of them and think what a wonderful legacy for their kids to have... I'm only sorry that you didn't take photos of my kids when they were little."   - Sandy M

"Jon loved the pictures.  They made him cry.  You did a great job . . . all my thanks for your hard work.  I know we will cherish these pictures for a long time. "  Nancy

"We've been in our new house for two years but, it didn't feel like home until we hung the photographs," Holly

"...The report from Barry's mother was a tear jerker! The grandparents couldn't stop hugging the framed pictures! So, they were truly a hit and I must tell you again what a pleasure it was working with you. Until the next time..." Fondly, Jill

"Good luck from all of us - your pictures are special," Charlotte

"Dear Marjorie, Rick and I love the photos you took of our wedding day and we'll treasure them always. When we have our first "off-spring" we'll look you up -- you seem to do great work with children too!..." Lisa
"You're the best, a trendsetter. You did photojournalism before it was a buzz word," Richard
"We love the prints," Jeff
"...You captured many of Aaron's endearing expressions in a natural way and with great sensitivity and delicacy. You truly have a special talent," Fondly, Michelle
"...We hope you were able to enjoy the surroundings a little bit while you were working so hard. We especially appreciate your indulgence with the diverse personalities who co-operated to make the day one whose memories we will always treasure..." Kathy
"I wish I had a tape recorder so you could hear what people say when they come to my house and see your pictures !  Your pictures just get into people's souls ! "  Lisa R

"I am so excited to see the pictures - I didn't even know you were there..." Paula

"We are looking forward to getting the great Results !" Bob

"I wanted you to know that we're very inefficient at our house, but finally today we put up the framed large picture of the children in the cafe. It's on the wall behind the dining table and it looks FABULOUS! We're hanging the 2 individual portraits in our bedroom in the morning...The big picture really transforms our downstairs, and it's not only beautiful in & of itself, but beautiful of them. It's a wonderful thing & we will always cherish it. Thank you so much." Warmest, Claire

"Now I am writing to ask a favor. I would like to write a story about you in a future issue of the Newsletter. I've looked at your website closely and admire what I see. The images caught in reflection are especially intriguing, as are the images of children being children. The image of the three children on the bed, one only old enough to lie there, and the two older ones playing and having fun, reminds me of my own children."
Tony, Photographers' Formulary Newsletter

"P.S.  We love the photographs!"  Alison

"I was very impressed by how you moved in. <My parents> felt good with you..." John

"Your photographs have real soul." Abby

"I loved the diptych at the Danforth - very moved by it - GLAD IT WAS THERE! " Emily

"Every time I go into Blue Cloud <Gallery> I'm struck by how wondrous your photos are," Anna.

"I saw a picture of yours in "The Sun" Magazine June 2002, issue 318 on page 44 and I love it.  It's fantastic and wondered if you sell copies of it.  I have a dog and it makes me happy!" Thanks, Christina

"Do you remember us? My husband hired you in Oct. 1990 to photograph our 18 month old.
You made a triptych of his chicken [dance] arms and me laughing in the background and another of us at a window looking at our hands. He turned 18 years this year, and we just dropped him off at college.
Your pictures are icons in our family," Liz 

"Without our photographs we have no history," Anonymous Refugee